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Customer and Pricing Information

What is Terms of Reference Contract (TRC)?
A Terms of Reference contract is our way of tracking your work to best serve you. By providing us with the specific description of how you envision the work, we can best serve you by following your vision. This contract will also tell us the specific deadlines and necessary specs for the project. The TRC document includes:
  • Full description of the project and specific preferences of the costumer.
  • Set frame of time in which contractor requires to finish the project
  • Time urgency indication (if necessary)
  • Step by step description of a project with indication of time of completion for each step (typically this section requires incase of big or long-term projects).
  • Technological exigency, preferred or must dos ( size, format, graphic file types and etc.).
  • List of equivalent samples, temples of the project (if needed)
  • Presented information and visual materials by costumer.
  • A contact list of references and links to necessary related resources.
  • A well-formulated term of reference contract essentially helps the execution of the project. Experts of Värvikaru will assist you in preparation of the TRC.
What are the Technological Requirements?
Technological requirements are a list of features of the product. This needs to be provided by Contractor to the Costumer. Technological requirements can be established by the costumer as well as by any involved manufacturer if necessary. In terms of design, compliance with technological requirements is particularly important in areas such as preparations of original layouts for printing and souvenirs, television graphic production and in development of the strictures such as furniture, interior design, stage prop. The main factors of tech. requirements in design development are graphic file formats and their parameters also physical proportions of items and products.
Experts of design studio Värvikaru do ensure strict observance of technological requirements in the implementation of the order, based on many years of experience in various fields of computer graphics.
What is Original Layout?
Original layout is used in graphic and print design. It means a digital file or group of files containing all necessary for a product which is ready to be used in print as a manufactured stencil - this is good for printing, hand and laser engraving, tampo and flexographic printing etc.
In the case of electronic publications (e-books, computer presentations, interactive directory or file documents in the form of help - help files) original layout is in fact the final product.
How to Order Hand-drawn Graphics and Paintings?
A separate product we offer at the design studio Värvikaru is hand - drawn artwork. We can provide warm, vibrant pictures or paintings that will bring originality and uniqueness to any home or office. Our professional artistic graphic works can be used as illustrations on any product. Hand-drawn graphics are prestigious and will bring any room to life!
Our experts at Värvikaru are highly skilled professionals with an outstanding portfolio of artwork and digital vision representation. We stand behind each and every one of our creations and look forward to working with you.
To learn more about our work, click the Portfolio section and see examples of our art and graphics.
While ordering a painting in our studio, you can rely on intuition and creativity of our artists. We offer a customized, personal experience to each of our clients, which helps our artist to create custom, one-of-a-kind art pieces for your living or working space.
If you want a specific or particular style of painting for your paintings or picture, then feel free to provide some examples of desired style.
Keep in mind that this service in a design studio Värvikaru belongs to the exclusive category. The execution of such orders requires additional time and resources associated with the purchase of high quality art materials. We will work diligently with you to provide the best possible product in the agreed upon deadline.
Creative Photo Editing
With this service, design studio Värvikaru creates an individual approach to each image. Please provide high-resolution raw materials to ensure that we can provide the best quality.
Each photo or digital image, if it does not contain an explicit and distinct distortion, has potential for improvements. We can enhance details in highlights and shadows, depth of field, color spectrum. By giving the image a proper creative artistic treatment, we can identify the most potential for the image, and then, by applying color correction, tactful and appropriate use of automatic and manual retouching to achieve the best result. Bring your images to life with our professional image enhancing techniques!
Screen and TV graphics
The generic term "screen and TV graphics" here refers to those static digital images and animation pieces that meet certain technological requirements (formats, coding standards, pixel size, color) and are used in the creation of online content, television and Internet broadcasting.
In the form of static graphics can be prepared charts, graphs, screensavers logo and captions for video. These positions may also be in the form of animation. We are experts of design studio here at Värvikaru and have a broad production of capabilities and brand-static, infographics, as well as creating short clips and screen savers on 2D- animation platform.
A separate activity of our studio is the adaptation of photo and video content for viewing on mobile devices (including Android and iOS).
If you did not find answers to your questions in our brief guide, we can respond to them over the phone, by email or in the case of a more detailed approach to your project, you can contact us in the form of online consultation (paid service), which must be ordered in advance.